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    Corporation Culture

    Our vision is:

    Making the world’s electro-magnet kingdom

    Our purpose is:

    Refuse the excuse, and focus on the quality, let the customer be free from worry, economize and save labors;

    Our slogan is:

    To offer the NO.1 quality products, be 100% sincere to all customers.

    Our mission is:

    Promote the brand “Chaocheng normal manufacture” to “Chaocheng intelligent manufacture”.

    Our principle is:the Dao emulates nature, the change is perpetual;

    Principal of survival:The only way to perpetuate is finding a correct track to live;

    Principal of work:Keep it simple and effective;

    Principal of learn:Studying is the most profitable investment;

    Principal of marketing:Our moral standing comes firstly, then comes to the quality of our products;

    Principal of service:Do best service with love, Adhere to customer-centric;

    Principle of Brand:the intangible dictate the tangible while shown by the tangible;

    Principle of competition:Compete to be more competitive. 

    Principle of foundation of a business:There is no failure in your life, except you give up the goal in advance;

    Principle of team-working:Unlike the collisions between gravels on the beach, like stars shine each other; 

    Principle of investment:money: is planted in the place where there are strategies;

    Principle of fortune:Money will come and go, except the self development which is the only fortune in life;

    Principle of saving:Earning is revenue, saving is profit;

    Principle of development:sacrifice the personal interest to achieve the general goal;

    Principle of production:The goal engraves on the steel, while the method writes on the beach;

    Principle of human resources:The talented is a treasure, and the mediocre is a burden;

    Principle of remuneration:Employees would get rewards for their contribution and be shamed by nonperformance;

    Principle of promotion:Those employees would get promoted by creating value and teaching others;

    Principle of achievement:Ordinary persons go after their goals, and talents achieve beyond the goals, while outstanding people make miracles;

    Principle of behavior:Leader should be generous and magnanimous to be supported by talents, should lead his men in the charge, and should be self-critical.

    Principle of execution:no condition, no excuse, no impossible; 

    Our Values are:

    Customers:Stand in awe of the customers, promote value continuously for them;

    Team:Teamwork puts firstly, and then comes to the individual;

    Gratitude:Be a person with gratitude, and win the heart felt respect with love; 

    Quality:Quality of product is like the life of human being which can only be granted once.

    Responsibility:Be responsible for ourselves, for the enterprise and also for the society;

    Market:Market is ruthless who develops the superior and weeds out the inferior;

    Criterion:Keep the excellent spirit status, and keep competing for the first place.

    Integrity:Suit the action to the word, and the action should end up with a result;

    Management:serve the staffs, obey the leaders and follow the strict enforcement of bans;

    Rule:Leadership is friendly, management is merciless, and system is cruel;

    Operating rules

    1、Obey orders absolutely without any slightness, and carry out them immediately. 

    2、Great team should be united as one and is concentrate their efforts to their objective.

    3、Our words are matched by deeds and based on facts, and we act on what we say. 

    4、Achieve a successful image with confidence and profession.

    5、Be optimistic, by focusing on the positive and ignore the negative. 

    6、Work with conscientiousness, which is much more important than intelligence. 

    7、Stick to the promised, never give up, and advance courageously.

    8、Create value and give products on the basis of deadline.

    Eight honors and eight disgraces

    1、Be proud of cherishing the company; be shamed on damaging to the company.

    2、Be proud of regarding the system with reverence; be shamed on ignoring the system.

    3、Be proud of accomplish others, be shamed on forgetting all moral principles to seek profits.

    4、Be proud of diligent and industrious; be shamed on lazy and selfish

    5、Be proud of increasing the measures; be shamed on decreasing the index

    6、Be proud of unity and progress; be shamed on rugged individualism

    7、Be proud of actively challenging; be shamed on negatively retreating

    8、Be proud of creating the results; be shamed on conducting in a perfunctory manner.

    The Belief of Chaocheng

    The Rules For Being Human

    1、Be a dauntless man with the sense of justice, says one and it never becomes two, and put into practice immediately.

    2、Be a man with benevolence, generosity, magnanimous, mercy, corporation, who will help others to grow.

    3、Respect the customers, eldership, parents, and colleagues. The best gain is to contribute oneself.


    1、The benefit of the company comes firstly, and then comes to the individual.

    2、The benefit of the customers comes firstly, and then comes to the individual.

    3、The matters of company or customers should come firstly, and then comes to the individual. 

    Spiritual pursuit

    1、Pursue the thing what you can reach.

    2、Do not keep up with the Joneses.

    3、Go your own way, and live a simple life.

    The rules to work

    1、Seize every opportunity you meet.

    2、Focus on the team-work, corporate and help with each other.

    3、Be corporative, do not be individualistic.

    State of mind

    1、Acceptance heart: The accepters will success rather than the complainers

    2、Initiative heart: Strive forward with initiative, and dare to be the first. Benefit will come from acceptance.

    3、Self-criticism heart: Selfish is the enemy of success, while self-criticism is the father of the success. Changing yourself is the first step on the road to success

    4、Think good thoughts: Kindness always begets kindness. Individual brand is the accumulation of personal character and the achievement.


    1、Keep the promise. (Unfalteringly defend the promise with life) 

    2、Focus on the results orientation. (There is no excuse)

    3、Never give up. (Continuously execute till end)

    4、Be honest and unselfish. (Enforce self-discipline, stick to the responsibility)


    Never change or decrease the indented goals, we should consciously increase the measures to achieve the goals.

    Chaocheng Inspirational Quotation

    1、Do the highest-octane things in every minute even in every second;

    2、An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening;

    3、Sprint from the very beginning;

    4、Do the right things all at one time;

    5、It’s hard to get a customer, but easy to lose one;

    6、The customers are the referees;

    7、Deal with the mood, and then come to the matters.

    8、Take a firm stand, and the attitude should be enthusiastic;

    9、There must be a way to succeed and a reason to defeat;

    10、As long as you think it is existed, or can be realized, then it’s not far away to achieve the goal.

    11、Unlimited close to perfect;

    12、The way to treat others is the way they treat you;

    13、Completing your own job is the biggest support to your teammates;

    14、Insist and never give up;

    15、Keep it simple and effective;

    16、Say what others want to listen, and listen to what others want to say;

    17、Brilliant leaders focus on what the staffs think, while the stupid ones only care about the employees’ behavior;

    18、The human resource is the key capital for a successful enterprise; 

    19、The small companies focus on how to work, while the big ones focus on how to behave;

    20、People are not affected by the thing itself, but only influenced by the view on things; 

    21、Temporary not succeed doesn’t mean a failure;

    22、The destiny grasps in oneself hand, rather than the others’ mouth; 

    23、I believe I can do as long as I insist;

    24、Love is the source of all power;

    25、The cost of freedom is self-discipline;

    26、Confidence may bring success, while diffidence will be far from success

    27、Goals determine reality, rather than reality determines the goals; 

    28、Comply with the promise, and firmly put it into practice;

    29、The big goal is the result of small goal, while the small goal is condition of the big goal;

    30、Revised the plan, instead of changing the goal;

    31、The first reaction for the winner is finding the right solution instead of looking for excuses;

    32、All limits originate from self-handicapping;

    33、The difference between the human beings is the way to think at the first beginning;

    34、The bad habit will control our whole life if we are not trying to change them.

    35、Sweat on the practice field, rather than weep on the arena;

    36、The harder work you do, the luckier you are;

    37、The fortune is not a friend while a friend is fortune;

    38、If you are not beaten by failure, success will finally be achieved;

    39、Success is to do simple things to repeatedly;

    40、Be Successful for Attitude; 

    41、Our happiness originates from moving others;

    42、The goal is your future realization;

    43、I am the root of each idea;

    44、To be able to overcome others is to have power, understanding the good and the bad in other people is merely intelligence, while understanding one's own nature is true enlightenment;

    45、Why not be active to approach the high and motionless mountain?

    46、Make a little progress every day;

    47、Abnegation is obtain, giving is taking, draws back is enters, tolerance is gain;  

    48、Suffers a loss is the luck, accumulates slightly owes big fortune;  

    49、Practicing follow an efficient measure is the best way to success, otherwise it will lead you to make a detour;

    50、Thoughts come from infinitely thinking; 

    51、Do not do to others what you don't want to be done to you

    52、The educational level is more important that the diploma;

    53、The ability is much more important than the seniority; 

    54、The knowledge is more important than the qualification;

    55、Team-working surpass the aggregation of individuals;

    56、Green hill as before in,several degrees setting sun are red

    57、The wise will never be confused, the philanthropic will never be apprehended, and the dauntless will never be daunted.

    58、Remember what should be remembered, forget what should be forgotten, change what can be changed and accept what is unalterable.

    The Charm of Chaocheng Leaders

    Three key factors:

    1、Tolerant spirit: A prime minister's mind should be broad enough for poling a boat. Be a good leader, you need to learn how to bear the complaint. In conclusion, attitude determines altitude.

    2、Structure: A man's own structure shapes his success or failure. How many magnet modules we can produce every month? 30 thousand、50 thousand、100 thousand?Are we determined to be the NO.1 in China or in the world?

    3、Ideological attitude: The leader must have philosopher's ideological mode. (We should deal with the matters in dual characters and cannot view them too extremely. We should be good at holding positive one side, accept what you have now, that is the start of success. )

    Four basic points

    1、The leaders should focus on orientating himself, because his orientation decides his position.

    2、The leaders should be full awe of the rules, regulations first, rights second.

    3、The leaders should firmly stand their value, and they should lead his men in the charge, and should be self-critical. The value determines the strengths of the company, which is the most important aspect for the company.

    4、The leadership should solid the operating model, and implements according to the company's strategy.  

    Eight hearts

    1、Lovable heart:  the staffs will feel the well-meant suggestion when facing the leaders with love; otherwise they will feel the malicious suggestion.

    2、Contribution heart: sometimes the best gain is to lose. The personality charm will be achieved by sacrificing spirit. (The god will know whatever you did.) 

    3、Acceptance heart: A person will feel happy only after he has suffered pains. The accepters will success rather than the complainers.  

    4、Self-criticism heart: People are always selfish, they like compare with others and sometimes self critic. Selfish is the enemy of success, while self-criticism is the father of the success.  

    5、Initiative heart: Strive forward with initiative, and dare to be the first.

    6、Ethical heart: Respect the customers, eldership, parents, and colleagues. The best gain is to contribute oneself.

    7、Responsible heart: Daring to take responsible for something and bear something is the best way to benefit you. 

    8、Gratitude heart: A person with gratitude will win the heart felt respect with love.